Contract Surety Products

Contract bonds are required primarily for public works projects funded by government agencies, but in some instances they are required for privately owned projects.   Bonds in this class include bid, performance, payment, supply, and maintenance.

We approach Contract Surety by looking at the big picture.  This means understanding the scope of obligation itself, the financial aspects of the project, and the timeline of the work.  Additionally, we look at the financial strength, prior experience, and qualifications of the contractor.  Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your client, whether they work on small jobs or a multi-million dollar projects.  Our in-house underwriting authority and close relationships with many surety companies enable us to get back to you quickly.  Our goal is to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

Our Small Contractor Program is designed to make contract bonding easier for small contractors. Our program is much more flexible than similar programs offered by other companies.  A one page application is all it takes to determine if your contractor qualifies for up to a $500,000 bond for a single job.  We also offer an aggregate limit of $1,500,000. Check out the details of the program by downloading the Small Contractor Program Fact Sheet.

For more information please contact us to discuss which program is right for your client.



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